At Tops Friendly Markets, social responsibility and sustainability have always been at the core of our mission, upholding standards that ensure we reduce environmental waste and energy consumption while providing our customers with sustainably sourced, high-quality products.

We also understand that our measures extend beyond responsible business practices that preserve and protect our environment. Sustainability includes supporting programs that seek to eradicate hunger and disease; promote the education of our youth; comfort those in need; and help our communities flourish. More than our duty, these efforts are a part of our culture, fueled by the dedication of more than 15,000 associates.

Our ongoing commitment to sustainability is met with enthusiasm and resolve every day, as we work to ensure we leave our communities—and our planet—better for the next generation.

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We make our communities a better place, improving the lives of children and helping one neighbor at a time through food donation, tireless fundraising and outreach programs.

Over 53.25 million meals Donated

to our local communities

$2,156,599+ to fight cancer

raised with numerous organizations

$1.1 Million+ Donated

to local schools through Tops in Education

$11,944,140+ raised

to support children's hospitals

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We have and will continue to find ways to be at the forefront of environmental responsibility through energy-efficient upgrades and responsible practices.

181+ tons

of cooking oil recycled in 2020

647+ tons

of plastic shopping bags and film recycled annually

18,834+ tons

of recycled cardboard boxes, paper & magazines annually

285+ tons

of inedible food and unsaleable meat & produce recycled in 2020

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We ensure our valued associates have the right tools in place to grow and succeed through scholarships, health improvement programs and career advancement opportunities.

15,000+ Associates

numerous awards for healthy work environment and programs

24,900+ scholarships awarded

to tops employees

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We work hard to source sustainable products that support our communities and benefit the environment.

2,500+ tops brand products

with cleaner, simpler ingredients

1.2 million+ gallons

of diesel fuel conserved each year

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When you take great care in choosing your business partners, you find people who share the same goals. We're proud of our partnerships.



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