All About Kosher

What is Kosher?

"Kosher" refers to a set of dietary laws set in the Old Testament that governs the selection and preparation of food. Kosher originates from the Hebrew word "kasher" meaning "proper" or "pure."" In order to be considered Kosher, a food must carry the certification of a rabbinical organization that oversees production and can attest to its purity.

Why is Kosher important?

Kosher food is important to Jewish religious practice for several reasons. Eating Kosher is an opportunity to show obedience to God and helps preserve Jewish unity and identity.

Is it Kosher?

Permitted and Forbidden Foods under Kashrut (Kosher law)

Is it Kosher?

Kosher (permitted)

  • Ritually slaughtered beef,sheep,goats and deer with no flaws or disease
  • Chicken, turkey, quail, geese
  • Salmon, tuna, carp, herring, cod (all fish that have fins and scales)
  • Meat eaten separately from dairy
  • Wine or grape juice made under Jewish supervision
  • Soft cheese and kosher hard cheese

Trayf (forbidden)

  • Pork, camel, rabbit, rodents, reptiles, and any animal that died of natural causes
  • Eagle, hawk, vulture (birds of prey)
  • Crab, lobster, octopus, clam, swordfish, sturgeon
  • Meat with dairy (e.g. cheeseburger, burger with a milkshake, chicken dordon bleau,etc)
  • Any other wine and grape juice
  • Most hard cheese

Basic Kosher Law

  • Certain animals may not be eaten at all. This includes all products derived from those forbidden animals (flesh, organs, eggs and milk)
  • Permitted birds and mammals must be killed in accordance with Jewish law
  • All blood must be drained from the meat or broiled out of it before eating
  • Certain parts of permitted animals may not be eaten
  • Permitted meats cannot be eaten with dairy. Fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables and grains can be eaten with both meat and dairy
  • Grape products made by non-Jews may not be consumed

Our Kosher Products

The demand for more Kosher products in grocery stores has increased dramatically, and TOPS is continuously working to meet that demand with more Kosher items down every aisle. Currently, we carry almost 700 Kosher items that meet your dietary requirements.*

To download a complete list of Kosher items in your TOPS market, click here. To view pdf document, get the acrobat reader.

*Products may vary by store.

Kosher Product Symbols

Look for the following symbols on items throughout the store to ensure that these products are certified Kosher.


Kosher Recipes

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