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When it comes to shopping for your family, frozen foods are an option that provide convenience and quality at once. From fruits and vegetables frozen at their peak to meal solutions, TOPS has lots of great options for you choose from.

Freezer for Cool Ideas

Why Choose Frozen?

There are many reasons frozen foods are a great choice for your family. Ultimately, freezing keeps food fresh. Freezing locks in that fresh taste until you're ready to enjoy. Plus, frozen foods are just as nutritious as fresh foods, so you can get that nutrition without worrying about eating before your food spoils.

Frozen Food Myths

  • Fresh Foods are More Nutritious

    The FDA found that there is no difference in nutrition between fresh and frozen produce.

  • Frozen Meals are Not Good for Weight Loss of Health-conscious Diets

    Frozen meals and foods are portioned for you and portion control is a proven strategy for weight management as recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

  • All Frozen Foods Contain Preservatives

    Freezing is a natural preservative, and many of your favorite foods-including lasagna- contain no added preservatives.

  • Frozen Meals Don't Use Real Ingredients

    Actually, the freezer aisle of your supermarket is filled with meals made with the highest quality ingredients and prepared the way you would.

  • Frozen Meals Aren't Environmentally Friendly

    Frozen foods actually minimize the amount of spoiled food we throw away every day.

  • Frozen Meals are More Expensive

    Restaurant-inspired entrees like seafood scampi, sesame chicken and monterey chicken cost under $4 each and are located down our frozen aisle!

Frozen Food Myths
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